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12838Image Wizard not printing

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  • Lisa Baker
    Jul 2, 2009
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      Hi all,

      Having a problem with Image Wizard, 2 days ago I was able to print images that were scanned. Then yesterday it stopped printing. I can print from other programs (Word, notepad, even a test page) on the same computer, just not from Image Wizard. I've tried as administrator and patron, neither works.

      When we try to print the print window comes up and I select the printer, there is a brief flash of the printer icon in the system tray but nothing prints.

      We have our printers connected to the network using a print server, and like I said I can print anything I want from Word, Notepad etc.. just not the scanned images. I even tried hooking a printer directly to the computer attached to the scanner but Image Wizard would not print to it either.

      Today I un-installed Image Wizard and downloaded a new copy from LanDesk but that didn't fix our problem.

      Any suggestions before a put a call into tech support?

      Lisa Baker
      Hemet, California, FHC
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