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12829Re: [fhctech] Remote Control & Maintenance of Your FHC Computers From Home

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  • Terri Jaskolka
    Jun 13, 2009
      Yeah, I'm not the "expert" either, though I've also been called upon to provide the maintenance over the past several years, but hang around lots of people who are, and of course, we have some on board with us here who can probably tell more about it than I can.
      Wake on LAN or WoL has to be supported by your computer's motherboard and may require a special cable to connect it to the network card (our computers are old enough that this is the case). You have to have the computer's MAC address in order to send the "wake-up" command over the internet and the computer must have at least stand-by power on the network card (you don't have to leave the whole system on, in other words).
      I haven't tried this on the FHC computers, though, and don't know if the "wake-up" command would make it through the SLC firewall, et al, but it seems worth trying if it will let us maintain remotely without needing someone onsite, or leaving computers on. And, maybe someone has already tried this and can let us know the results?...
      -Terri J.
      On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 4:52 PM, Ronald Frye <ronfrye@...> wrote:

      I've not heard of "Wake". (I'm not really an IT person or computer expert, even though I've been doing the maintenance on our computers for 11 years now.) Can you tell me a little more about "Wake"? Sounds like that is something I could use, too.
      Ronald W. Frye
      Danville FHC Computer Specialist
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