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12827Re: [fhctech] Remote Control & Maintenance of Your FHC Computers From Home

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  • Terri J.
    Jun 13, 2009
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      What about using Wake on LAN? I've been told that this would make it
      possible to access the computers even when turned off. I think I've
      actually used it on a computer once or twice (not FHC computers, though)
      and have been able to turn back on that computer that had shut down by
      itself after a power glitch, or an update, or whatever it was (hasn't
      happened for quite some time now, so don't recall the details).

      -Terri J.

      Russell Hltn wrote:
      > Of course, neither method works if the PC is off. I'm against leaving
      > PCs on when no one is around as a regular thing.
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