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12726Re: Issues with loading FHC DVD XP OS

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  • paulbb1
    Feb 4, 2009
      Yes, this should work but why doesn't the DVD work?? I will also have
      to change the other ID/number so they can be on the same LAN. What a
      Arlan Beebe
      --- In fhctech@yahoogroups.com, Perry E Shumway <perryeshumway@...> wrote:
      > What I do when a hard drive fails in one of our computers is:
      > 1. Remove the hard drive and install it in another computer, as
      close as possible to the same make and model, as a secondary drive
      (change jumpers as required). Boot the computer and run check disk on
      the secondary drive (questionable drive) to make sure it usable.
      > 2. Duplicate the primary drive to the secondary drive using a
      program such as Acronis TrueImage or Symantec's Ghost.
      > 3. Remove the drive and reinstall it in the original computer and
      see if it will boot OK.
      > 4. Go into Device Manager and change the computer name to whatever
      it used to be.
      > Windows should identify any hardware differences between the two
      computers and automatically install drives.
      > There may be a better way but this has worked for me a couple of time.
      > Perry Shumway
      > ________________________________
      > From: paulbb1 <abeebe@...>
      > To: fhctech@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Wednesday, February 4, 2009 1:07:13 PM
      > Subject: [fhctech] Issues with loading FHC DVD XP OS
      > A FHC provided Dell GX280 crashed and would not boot. Using the FHC
      > DVD, I have followed the instructions to reload a number of times with
      > no success. Now I am getting the messages:
      > CDBOOT: Couldn't find BOOTMGR
      > Missing operating system
      > HISTORY
      > I have loaded my copy of XP running the System Recovery system and ran
      > FIXMBR and then FIXBOOT. Rebooted and then deleted the partiion then
      > recreating it and then reformating the HD. Then completed the loading
      > this machine using the serial number on the case. Loaded fine and
      > check the disk properties using Win Explorer, around 74MB. XP normal
      > OS disk works!
      > Took the FHC DVD and rebooted the computer using the DVD. Went into
      > the Utilities and deleted the partitions, waited and then rebooted.
      > Loaded the FHC files. It went into 'wpeinit' and then rebooted. It
      > didn't take the time it should of.
      > It came up with 'Missing Operating System'. My last try ended up with
      > what is in the first paragraph.
      > I am wondering if I put a boot manager on the computer by mistake
      > using the 'Ultimate Boot Disk'. Using it I set the MBR to 0 and then
      > created a standard MBR using the utilities on the UBD. All this before
      > loading XP from my CD. Could I still have a boot manager that is
      > causing the system to fail? I thought reseting the MBR would remove
      > any that was there. Checking the Internet that is what it says to do.
      > The first paragraph is where I am at right now.
      > Talked to and sent email's to FHC support but all I got was a link to
      > the FHC XP DVD loading instructions that came with the DVD.
      > Arlan Beebe
      > Stk Tech Spec
      > Ann Arbor Stake, MI
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