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12723Issues with loading FHC DVD XP OS

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  • paulbb1
    Feb 4, 2009
      A FHC provided Dell GX280 crashed and would not boot. Using the FHC
      DVD, I have followed the instructions to reload a number of times with
      no success. Now I am getting the messages:
      CDBOOT: Couldn't find BOOTMGR
      Missing operating system

      I have loaded my copy of XP running the System Recovery system and ran
      FIXMBR and then FIXBOOT. Rebooted and then deleted the partiion then
      recreating it and then reformating the HD. Then completed the loading
      this machine using the serial number on the case. Loaded fine and
      check the disk properties using Win Explorer, around 74MB. XP normal
      OS disk works!

      Took the FHC DVD and rebooted the computer using the DVD. Went into
      the Utilities and deleted the partitions, waited and then rebooted.
      Loaded the FHC files. It went into 'wpeinit' and then rebooted. It
      didn't take the time it should of.

      It came up with 'Missing Operating System'. My last try ended up with
      what is in the first paragraph.

      I am wondering if I put a boot manager on the computer by mistake
      using the 'Ultimate Boot Disk'. Using it I set the MBR to 0 and then
      created a standard MBR using the utilities on the UBD. All this before
      loading XP from my CD. Could I still have a boot manager that is
      causing the system to fail? I thought reseting the MBR would remove
      any that was there. Checking the Internet that is what it says to do.

      The first paragraph is where I am at right now.

      Talked to and sent email's to FHC support but all I got was a link to
      the FHC XP DVD loading instructions that came with the DVD.

      Arlan Beebe
      Stk Tech Spec
      Ann Arbor Stake, MI
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