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12712Re: [fhctech] Another Deep Freeze question

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  • Terri J.
    Jan 14, 2009
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      In my experience, the scan has slowed processes down quite a bit, to the
      point one might consider it excessive. It takes 30-45 minutes for a scan
      to complete IF no one attempts to use the computer, and should someone
      attempt to use it during the scan, well, then it seems the scan never
      does get done, not to mention the amount of time it takes to get
      anything done on the computer. :P

      YMMV according to your system or what you are trying to do on it. It
      also continues to popup until someone unfreezes the system and lets the
      scan run on the unprotected computer. So, it's not like you just have to
      wait awhile and it's over. It happens every time the computer gets
      turned on. At one point when we weren't keeping up with the
      unfreeze/scan cycle, our computers seemed to be permanently slow for
      those trying to use them, which wasn't acceptable to anyone.

      -Terri J.

      Gary Templeman wrote:
      > Is the scan causing any particular problem? My experience is that scans
      > might cause things to run a bit slower but it has not been excessive. In
      > fact I started a scan at home and wrote this during that period (not
      > Symantec though) and noticed no effect at all. Can't any popup window be
      > minimized and let patrons go about their business?
      > Gary
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