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12709Another Deep Freeze question

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  • dave.young33
    Jan 13, 2009
      I have deep freeze running on 6 of our 12 computers. I installed it
      using the Deep Freeze Automated Installation. It works great, however,
      on four of the computers the Symantec Antivirus weekly scan runs when
      the computers are first booted up in the morning. I have let a couple
      computers complete the scan (it takes about 1 1/2 hours) but the
      computer tries the scan the next morning.

      I thought the Auto Install set Symantec Live Update to the express
      mode? and any virus scans would be run thursday when Salt Lake wakes
      the computer for maintenance. That brings up another question; does
      Salt Lake wake up all computers at the same time? Will that overwhelm
      the network and modem/firewall? I ask because I had one error on one
      computer something about not having LanDesk connectivity.

      Would appreciate any info on getting these Symantec Scans to stop. I
      don't want to install Deep Freeze on the other six computers till I
      have the first six working right.

      Dave Young
      Kaysville Area FHC
      Kaysville, Utah
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