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  • rumar68
    Nov 2 5:46 PM
      --- In fhctech@yahoogroups.com, Mike Stanley <mdstanley37@...> wrote:
      > I am going through the same problem in our FHC. Is there any tips
      that anybody has learned on setting up DF for the best results. I am
      probably going to be setting mine up on Monday. I would appreciate
      and suggestions.
      > Mike Stanley
      > Tyler, TX FHC
      Deep Freeze is a good idea.

      You can get instructions over the internet. At the end of this
      message, I have listed the instructions addresses.

      I found I need addition information than provided.

      Below are the step by step instruction I used on my computers.

      I tried to put deep freeze on my Inventory Manager computer. It did
      not work well. Other have undoubtly been sucessful in making this
      work. I gave up and put Inventory manager on my "Server" which is
      locked (patrons do not use) and does not have deep freeze. This
      works well.

      Cerritos,CA FHC

      Installation Instructions for Deep Freeze for Windows XP and 2000

      1) During the setup process, you will create a file, which you
      will run on all the computers. It matters not if they are running
      windows XP or 2000; Or if the computers have different hardware and
      drivers than the computer on which the file was created. However, it
      matters where you establish your thaw space. That is, if you have a
      second drive on some of your computer and you use the second drive as
      your thaw space, it is a good idea to partition the computers with
      one drive and create a second drive. (I used drive D as the drive
      for the thaw space. Note the actual Traw Drive will be the next
      empty drive letter. In my case it is Drive F. Hard drive C, Hard
      drive or partition Drive D, CD or DVD drive E.)
      2) You should not have the control console on the same computer
      as a frozen workstation. (There is a work around to have the console
      station frozen, but that requires special instructions.[See Console
      and workstation workaround below]) So, if you have a server, which
      is locked up, this is a good place to have your control console.)
      All of the patron workstations will be frozen. So you should
      identify one computer as the console station and the other computers
      as the workstations. After you have identified which computer will
      be the console and which computers will be workstations, proceed with
      the following.
      Download and install Deep Freeze
      3) Log on as Administrator to the computer you plan to load the
      control console.
      4) Before running the DPCustomCfg.exe utility for the first
      time, please ensure that the version of the LANDesk Support Agent is
      at least 8.7 SP2.1. To check the version, click the Start, program,
      select LANDesk Management, then Tools and click "Script Versions
      Currently Installed".
      5) Download DeepFreeze from: Start – Programs - LANDesk
      Management - LANDesk Software Deployment (or Policy-Based Delivery)
      6) Unzip the two "zip" files (double click on them) and save the
      resulting files to the hard drive.
      7) Turn off Norton Anti-Virus
      8) There should be two "exe" files. DF6Ent1829 and
      DPCustomCfg. Run DF6Ent1829 and follow instructions.
      9) When asked for a "Customization Code" use the code supplied
      by Salt Lake (without the quotation marks) for the Customization
      10) When finished installing program, go to Programs and find
      Faronics – Deep Freeze. You should have two programs; Deep Freeze 6
      Administrator and Deep Freeze 6 Console.
      Set Administrator Parameters
      11) Click on Administrator
      12) A screen will come up that has three tabs. Click on
      a) Click on 1. Enable box. Leave "Type" Workstation" and Enter
      the password you want to use on the computers. Do not click on
      Change or Timeout
      b) Click on 2 Enable box. Leave "Type" to "Workstation" and
      Enter password supplied by Salt Lake (Note: No spaces and are case-
      c) Click on 3 Enable box. Change "Type" to "Command Line" and
      Enter password supplied by Salt Lake (Note: No Spaces and are case-
      13) Click on Drive tab:
      a) Under "Thaw External Hard Drives", deselect USB so that USB
      thumb drives may be used.
      b) Under "ThawSpace", select "Create" and "Retain existing
      ThawSpace" and changeThawSpace Drive to Drive F. This is to create a
      ThawSpace Drive where user data may be stored even when the system is
      in a frozen state. (This affects Inventory Manager and FamilySearch
      Indexing data files that are stored locally)
      14) On the Restart/Shutdown tab you can use the "Restart/Shutdown
      Schedule" feature to automatically shutdown your systems at the
      normal evening closing time except for on the days that you want to
      run maintenance. (I will not use.)
      15) On the Maintenance tab:
      a) Select a day each week that you want to run Windows Update.
      (Say Monday morning. Computer must be on.)
      b) Select a day each week to run a Batch File (that will be
      implemented in the Advanced Maintenance tab; see below). Select
      Disable Keys. Set the Stop Time 2+ hours after the Start Time, and
      (select the Shutdown box, if you want the computer to shut down. I
      will not select the Shutdown box)
      16) On the Advanced Maintenance tab, in the Batch File window,
      paste the following commands (this relates to the above requirement):

      @ECHO OFF
      REM Required
      REM This line runs the Drive Protection Custom Configuration utility
      REM connects to the LANDesk server and downloads LANDesk
      configuration updates.

      REM Recommended
      REM This line runs Symantec Live Update Silently.
      REM Remove the /S if you want to be able to see the update's progress.
      "%ProgramFiles%\Symantec Client Security\Symantec
      AntiVirus\VPDN_LU.exe" /S

      Note: These batch commands are in the DF.bat file included with the
      Deep Freeze package.
      17) Click on the Create button.
      a) Select Create Workstation Install Program
      b) A save window comes up with the file DF6Wks.exe. Do not
      change DF6Wks. Note where the file will be saved or browse to a
      different folder. Click on Save.
      c) Follow instructions. A note comes up "Successfully created".
      18) Turn Norton Anti-Virus back on.
      Set up Workstation
      19) On the first workstation do the following:
      a) Log on as Administrator
      b) Turn off any automatic updates such as Quick Time etc
      c) Open Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you have it) – Select Edit –
      Preferences – Do not automatically update
      d) Go to Control Panel
      i) Open Java (if you have it) – Advanced – Update or JRE Auto-
      Download – Never Auto-Download
      ii) Open Symantec Live Update, set it to Express Mode, and select
      both Express Mode Settings boxes to make it so the Symantec Antivirus
      Updates will only occur during maintenance mode.
      iii) Open Automatic Updates – Turn Off Automatic Updates
      iv) If the workstation has Windows XP, Open Windows Firewall –
      Exceptions – Add Port
      v) Under name type Deep Freeze. Under Port Number enter 7725.
      Click TCP
      vi) Click Add Port again and under name enter Deep Freeze 2.
      Under Port Number enter 7725. Click UDP.
      vii) If the workstation has Windows XP, Open System – System
      Restore – Turn off System Restore on all drives.
      e) Clean out Temp directories (C:\temp, C:\Windows\Temp or
      C:\WinNT\Temp. Delete all files and folders except Cookies,
      Temporary Internet files, and History folders. Delete all files and
      folders within C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local
      Settings\Temp. (Do not delete the Temp folders or the files within
      Cookies, Temp Internet files and History folders.)
      f) Open Internet Explorer – Tools – Internet Options - Delete
      Temporary Internet Files & Cookies..
      g) Open Windows Explorer – Recycle Bin – File - Empty Recycle
      h) Start – Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt - Type
      Chkdsk /f (If message "cannot run, schedule next time restart. Enter
      Y, push Enter Key and restart computer to Adminstrator).
      i) Start – Programs – Accessories – System tools - Run Disk
      20) Verify drive letters (ie C, D, E) are the same as step 1.
      21) Locate the file DF6Wks.exe created in step 17
      22) Copy it and save it to the workstation you are presently
      working on.
      23) Run the file DF6Wks. When install is complete and
      workstation has automatically rebooted, it will be frozen. You
      should see the Deep Freeze bear icon in the tray. (To thaw the
      computer, hold down the shift key and double click on the icon.
      Enter your password and select either permanently thaw or thaw the
      next boot only.)
      24) Go to the console computer. Click on Start-Programs-Faronics-
      Deep Freeze- Deep Freeze Console. You click on Entire Network. You
      should see the Frozen computer. It may not appear right away. Give
      it some time to appear.
      25) Repeat steps 19 through 24 for each additional workstation in
      your center.

      System Maintenance
      System maintenance must be run on each computer every 30 to 60 days,
      or more often if necessary.
      The first time you maintain the computers, thaw each computer and
      save a copy of DPCustom.Cfg.exe (from step 8), then proceed with step
      2 below.

      1. Thaw each computer.
      2. Update the operating system (Window Update). Be sure to do
      this first, as DPCustomCfg may fail some checks if the operating
      system is not updated.
      3. Run DPCustomCfg.exe. Be sure to wait for it to complete the
      4. Update the Anti-Virus.
      5. Update any other program, as needed.
      6. ReFreeze the computer.

      To remove Deep Freeze:

      You must rerun DF6Wks and select uninstall.

      [Recommended] Since the system will be in a protected state when
      frozen, you might add the Patron account to the Administrators group,
      as any changes they may make to the system will be reset at each
      When patrons cannot finish a FamilySearch Indexing (FSI) batch file
      before they have to leave the center, so that they do not lose their
      work, have them save their progress to the FSI server by selecting
      File – Save to Server.

      Console and Workstation Workaround
      If you want to run both the Console and Workstation package on the
      same computer do the following:

      1. Press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F6 in sequence.
      2. Enter the configuration password for the Agent.
      3. Go to the network tab.
      4. Uncheck the use default port.
      5. Change the port to something like1234.

      Note: You will NOT be able to control the Agent on the Console
      computer with the Console. If you need to update the Agent
      configuration on that system, you will have to uninstall the old
      Agent, and then install the updated Agent.
      If you redeploy the agent to the computer, you will need to change
      the port number again
      Additional Resources

      Faronics Content Library
      - <http://www.faronics.com/html/library.asp>

      Deep Freeze Best Practices
      - <http://www.faronics.com/whitepapers/DFEnt_BestPractices.pdf>

      TUTORIAL: Deep Freeze Enterprise Configuration Administrator
      - <http://www.faronics.com/tutor/redirect.asp?file=administrator>

      TUTORIAL: Deep Freeze Enterprise Console Overview
      - http://www.faronics.com/tutor/redirect.asp?file=console
      For support, call 866-406-1830 and ask for Headquarters support, Deep
      Freeze expert.
      Deep Freeze, Faronics 1-800-943-6422 Opt 1
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