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12426Re: Family History Centers on Ubuntu

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  • Marion Smith
    May 7, 2008
      I can see I am out numbered so I will concede the point.

      I just don't think (with Microsoft moving to Vista and their new
      harsher license agreements) that we should stay in the Microsoft camp.

      I have gotten no benefit from the LANDesk stuff. I still have
      computers that don't have anti-virus because no one from LANDesk has
      gotten around to installing it. And all the machines that had the old
      anti-virus (I forget its name) don't work anymore because the church
      has canceled that license (at least I get an error message to that
      affect when the software attempts to download updates).

      As for not enough support for Enterprise IT, I suspect that isn't
      true. There are plenty of businesses and governments using Linux (on
      the desktop) in other countries (like France) that we can probably
      find what we need (or create it ourselves).

      But the most important point to me is almost anyone can afford a
      Linux computer. If only the software they want to run (like PAF)
      would run on it. With efforts like Asus EEE PC, Everex's Cloudbook,
      or just a used desktop, you can get a working Linux computer. While
      any Windows computer will continually have hidden expenses that drive
      an expensive computer even higher in cost (the continual cost of
      updating and upgrading).

      With that said, I will shut up now. I won't bring it up again, I
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