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12419Re: [fhctech] Re: Family History Centers on Ubuntu

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  • Russell Hltn
    May 3, 2008
      I'll add a few more items.

      First, given the way the church hands out windows licenses (in images)
      along with their historical strict observance of copyright law leads
      me to believe that they have a site license for Windows for all their
      computers. FHCs only make up a portion of all the computers used by
      the church. As such, I think many over estimate the cost to the
      church of using Windows.

      Second, the Church seems to be moving toward more centralized support
      if not control of the machines. For example LANDesk. I suspect the
      tools and programs to provide such management and support are less
      developed on other platforms. Or to put it another way, the Church's
      IT needs mirror Enterprise IT needs for management and control. Given
      the lack of large enterprises that use Linux as a desktop, I seriously
      doubt if the tools and expertise is out there. Good enterprise tools
      saves on employee costs. Employee support costs can easily dwarf any
      license costs.

      Third, because of the church's reliance on local member support, the
      fact that patron computers are used by a broad group of users, and the
      need to run 3rd party programs, the church needs to follow the trend.
      It's not in a position to lead it much less be a catalyst of change.

      The logical place for Linux right now is at the server level. Windows
      Professional has a limit of 10 connections. For larger FHCs with more
      machines, this is a problem. As far as I know, the church isn't
      handing out server licenses. Since servers are rarely touched by
      anyone other then the support person and are not currently managed by
      the Church, they avoid all the issues I pointed out above.
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