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12411Family History Centers on Ubuntu

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  • Marion Smith
    May 2, 2008
      I was hoping to get a feel for what other FHC technicians (computer
      experianced persons) think of the idea of switching FHCs (the whole
      church for that matter) to Linux (I lean toward Ubuntu)?

      The reasons I think we should consider it:
      The cost is low (or nothing).
      Members to do the same at home with spending money.
      Most family search work is migrating to the web anyway.
      We could promote OpenOffice.
      Members are spending money to upgrade MS Office to stay current.
      Not even Office 2007 is compatable with Office 2003.
      Ubuntu can run on lower grade machines.
      Most church software is already portable (I think MLS is written in Java).
      The open source community would help to port PAF to Java or Python.
      The chuch in the third world could be on exactly the same software as
      in the US.
      Members in the third world are more likely to be able to get a machine
      to run Linux that Windows.
      We wouldn't be beholding to MS.
      The course that MS is taking Windows and Office is not good.
      Linux and open source is more in keeping with the Mormon spirit of

      Do you think this is a good idea?
      Do you I should create a Yahoo group to further this idea?
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