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12150Re: [fhctech] Re: Windows SteadyState - Possible future Deepfreeze Replacement?

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  • Russell Hltn
    Dec 3, 2007
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      On Dec 3, 2007 11:51 AM, Jonathan Studer <jonokinawa@...> wrote:
      > This was definitely a concern for us too. I talked to the director
      > and we decided that the staff would just inform everyone when they
      > come in that if they save something to the My Documents folder it is
      > visible to everyone. Having it centralized has really helped a couple
      > of people that seemed to only have their PAF file on a floppy disk
      > and the disk became corrupt. I can think of at least 5 people that
      > were able to grab a slightly older version of their PAF file and were
      > very grateful for us having. We just leave all the paf files in that
      > central location. It has also helped with someone that found several
      > census pages and downloaded them as .jpg's file and then left the
      > center forgetting to copy it to her flash drive. The next day she
      > came back very stressed that she had lost the images, but to her
      > great excitement we had them.

      I don't see how keeping "My Documents" on the local machine changes
      any of the success stories. I'm sure any computer user understands
      that anything left behind after they are done with the machine could
      be looked at by others, but to communicate that "My Documents" isn't
      private even temporarily is something that's probably beyond most
      people's computer abilities.

      > I have also setup a web page with links to all the usual websites. I
      > then embedded this as an Active Desktop on the Patron Desktop. The
      > page is hosted by IIS on the 'server'. I just update or add links and
      > refresh the desktop and they show up.

      I've re-pointed the "Favorites" to the server and Patron only has read
      rights. Not unlike what you've done. Since I don't have a true
      server version of Windows, I have to watch the number of connections I
      make to our server. I'm not sure as I can add IIS without causing
      problems with the licensing.

      > One last time saving step that I do involves the DSL Modem and the
      > PIX firewall. It seemed like I was getting calls at least bi-weekly
      > from the staff telling me that the 'Internet was down' (to which I
      > promptly reply, Call Al Gore). The resolution was to power off the
      > powerstrip that the modem and firewall were connected to and turning
      > it back on. It resolved the problem immediately.

      Never had that problem. We leave it on 24/7. It also located well
      away from the patrons so no one can tamper with it.
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