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12148Re: [fhctech] Re: Windows SteadyState - Possible future Deepfreeze Replacement?

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  • Russell Hltn
    Dec 3, 2007
      On Dec 3, 2007 8:10 AM, Jonathan Studer <jonokinawa@...> wrote:
      > I have all the my
      > documents folders set to be redirected to a share on our 'server'.

      I thought about doing that but didn't for two reasons: PAFInsight
      saves a file to "My Documents" and it's not designed to be
      multi-access. That is, I wouldn't make all the computers point to a
      common "My Documents".

      Secondly, patrons may not realize that by placing a file in "My
      Documents" temporally they are placing the file where any other user
      at the center can see it. Given that a PAF file can contain names,
      birth dates and mother's maiden name, I didn't want to surprise the
      patron that's trying to be careful with their family's information.

      > The desktop is also redirected to the server share and is set to read-
      > only so it can't be modified.

      Hmmm. So you have a common Desktop? I hadn't thought about that. I
      think I can reset the Patron Desktop to be "read only" without having
      to move it to the server.

      One thing I did do is separate Patron from the "All Users" for the
      Start Menu. I then created my own Start Menu for Patron. So they
      don't see those "uninstall" icons, or any other icon I don't want them
      to see. Plus I don't have to go clearing unwanted icons after I
      install a software package.

      But probably the most important thing I've done is set Patron to be
      just a User, not "Power User" as shipped from SLC. This severely
      limits what the patrons can do with the machine.
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