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12147Re: Windows SteadyState - Possible future Deepfreeze Replacement?

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  • Jonathan Studer
    Dec 3, 2007
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      Thanks everyone for your feedback. I'm going to look into using
      Deepfreeze. Right now I use a combination of local Group Policy
      settings and folder redirection to keep things from getting saved to
      our machines and things from getting changed. I have all the my
      documents folders set to be redirected to a share on our 'server'.
      The desktop is also redirected to the server share and is set to read-
      only so it can't be modified.
      I restrict writing to the root of the C drive as well.
      Our machines are setup to auto login to this restricted user account.

      I don't have any problems with users changing things so I guess I'm
      lucky there. I configured this setup when the universal XP DVD's were
      released from FHC Support and I haven't had to rebuild or correct any
      problems since. I configured my setup and made an image of it. Now,
      when I setup a new machine I just drop the image one it, run the
      landesk config and viola. (I periodically refresh the image). We're
      ready to go. we currently have 15 machines in 2 centers, and 4 more
      machines on there way to a third center. I'm also pretty lucky that
      all of these machines have identical hardware. I work in IT and was
      able to get all these machines donated to us.

      Anyway, just thought that I would share a little about our setup.
      Thanks again for the input.

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