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11617Re: FamilySearch Indexing

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  • billatkinsonbc
    Apr 20, 2007
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      I am running the indexing program at home on an XP machine, 350 MHz
      and 128MB RAM, which is obviously way below the listed specs.
      Everything works once it is up and running but you need to allow for
      like 5 minutes for an image to download.

      You can probably do it but you need people to understand that they
      have to have other things to do for the times that the images are
      loading up. It would be less than ideal for an FHC where you would
      like some crisp computer usage but if you need to do the indexing and
      that is all that you have available it is possible.

      Oh, I found that it was really important to keep as much space
      available on the hard drive as possible at least 512K, since it seems
      to use the hard drive for some virtual storage as it works.
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