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  • Donsescape
    Apr 19, 2007
      I'm a little slow catching up on messages. Here's what I know.
      Familysearchindexing (FSI) is a JAVA based program. It sometimes has a
      few quirks. It likes a clean install, meaning only 1 version of JAVA
      installed. It actually works best with JRE 5 update 11. The version
      that installs with the FSI install is JRE 5 update 6. An optional way
      to install the software is to download and install JAVA from their
      website. java.sun.com Then from familysearchindexing.org click on the
      start indexing button. Then it will detect the existing JAVA and only
      install the indexing software. Then just add the FSI link to your
      favorites. It works like a charm.

      Note: the indexing software isn't the resource hog, it's JAVA.

      Hope this is helpful to someone.
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