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11073Re: [fhctech] Windows XP Image upgrade

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  • Perry E Shumway
    Jan 1, 2007
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      See my response to Lori Howe. It might be helpful.

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      From: Len Ingermanson <len438@...>
      To: fhctech@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2006 3:22:21 PM
      Subject: [fhctech] Windows XP Image upgrade

      I need a little assistance. I have been upgrading the computers at our
      FHC for the last three days using the Image disks supplied by the Family
      History Department and have a couple of issues. The Image disks have
      the old DOS Family Search program installed but when you open the
      program it asks for the appropriate disks. I contacted computer support
      and they sent me a fix to change the drives, but the fix only does
      Ancestral File, the IGI, the Addendum, and the Catalog, I think. I need
      to have the program access the Military Index and the Scottish Church
      Records on the server, has anyone been able to reset the program to
      access those parts?
      A couple of other issues I ran into, so far, are:
      1. Freeman Bank Records - When opening the program, I get a small
      window titled "Information" and it appears to search the entire C
      drive. After the search is complete it says it could not find some
      file, then the window closes and then the program opens and seems to
      work okay. It is a little annoying but works fine.
      2. The Family History Resource Viewer with all the various Census
      and Vital Records data bases will not open in the Patron user. I get a
      run-time error with a message of not having access to a certain file. I
      have gone to that file and given permission in the preferences, but then
      get another run-time error for some other file. Sorry, but I did not
      write down the exact message that was displayed. The program works
      correctly in Administrator mode.
      If anyone has encountered any of these problems and was able to fix
      them, I would like a little help fixing our center's computers. Thanks,
      in advance.
      I am trying to get the computers all functioning properly and then put
      Deep Freeze on them.
      Len Ingermanson
      Tucson FHC

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