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10713Re: [fhctech] SAV scans

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  • Roberto Galindo
    Nov 14, 2006
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      Because of the time differences, our FHC in Venezuela (Maracay) is almost always open during SLC office hours. Yet our scan history is also empty. We did a manual scan once (compete) and set up a schedule so our computers are the ones that initiate the scan while we are open, and not another automated (or human) arrangement far away (or nearby). Since we are open on Saturdays, we programmed the scan to occur after we close and leave the computers on all night. Next morning, right before Church meetings we walk in and shut the machines down. So far it works.
      Roberto Galindo

      Rebecca Christensen <rchristen@...> wrote:
      SAV was installed on our two W2000 computers within the first week of the changeover, but when I checked the scan history today so far there had been no scans of the computers since SAV was installed, so I would say that they aren't run on startup when SL scheduled scans are missed.  (We are closed during the scheduled time.)  That was corrected with manual scans today.  Also, one of the computers was not up to date on the Antivirus definitions and I had to manually run the update for that as well. 
      Rebecca Christensen

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