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Re: Feyerabend Preparation

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  • Brian Marick
    = Deconstruction: My favorite explanation of deconstruction is _On Deconstruction_, by Jonathon Culler
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2001
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      = Deconstruction:

      My favorite explanation of deconstruction is _On Deconstruction_, by
      Jonathon Culler
      Culler has a deserved reputation as a good explainer, but this is still
      moderately dense and foreign to people who (like me) come from the computer
      world. There are simpler accounts, like _Beginning Theory_ (Peter Barry)
      and _Introducing Derrida_ (Collins, Mayblin)
      but they're not as good. They also don't emphasize what I proposed to rpg,
      so probably wouldn't be useful prep for deconstruction-as-brainstorming.

      Phil Agre's _Computation and Human Experience_
      applies (in part) deconstructive techniques to a computerish subject: AI.
      It's what got me started reading about deconstruction.

      Disclaimer: I'm no expert in literary theory / deconstruction. I'm a dabbler.

      = Feyerabend:

      _Against Method_ (on the reading list) was supposed to be a joint work
      between Paul Feyerabend and Imre Lakatos, friends and antagonists. Lakatos
      went and died before they got properly started. Lakatos's take on the
      philosophy of science is in _Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes_
      Another, shorter, exposition is in _For and Against Method: Including
      Lakatos's Lectures on Scientific Method and the Lakatos-Feyerabend
      Correspondence_, ed. Motterlini.
      Lakatos's lectures are concise and entertaining (though the correspondence
      doesn't add much - definitely for the completist.)

      I've found Lakatos's explanation of scientific progress useful in
      understanding why it's hard to make headway against the conventional
      wisdom. It may be similarly useful to our project.

      Disclaimer: as above.

      At 06:14 PM 4/1/01 , you wrote:
      >Ron and I have put together some information on how to prepare for
      >the workshop. That can be found here:

      Brian Marick, marick@...
      www.testing.com - Software testing services and resources
      www.testingcraft.com - Where software testers exchange techniques
      www.visibleworkings.com - Adequate understanding of system internals
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