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OOPSLA Call for Posters, Demos and other late content

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    **** What s oopsla up to? The leading forum for innovative and thought-provoking ideas in object-oriented programming for 21 years, oopsla is taking on today s
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      **** What's oopsla up to?

      The leading forum for innovative and thought-provoking ideas in
      object-oriented programming for 21 years, oopsla is taking on today's
      software challenges, attracting people interested in:

      * programmer productivity
      * secure and reliable software
      * changing hardware platforms
      * ultra-large scale systems

      oopsla is the premier conference for publishing state of the art research, for
      seeking comment on works in progress, for sharing practical experiences, and
      (frequently, we're proud to say) for presenting Turing Award lectures on
      significant works. It is where industry experts and their academic peers
      gather to

      * improve programming languages
      * refine the practice of software development
      * explore new paradigms

      Through collaboration, diversity, and incubation we are overcoming the
      challenges facing the software industry.

      **** The conference isn't until October, what's happening now?

      Right now we're looking for submissions for:
      * Posters
      * Demonstrations
      * Doctoral Symposium
      * Onward! Tools and Films
      * Student Research Competition

      Visit http://www.oopsla.org/2007/submissions to see how you can contribute.

      Furthermore, the accepted workshops are looking for submissions. Visit
      http://www.oopsla.org/2007/workshops to see the list of accepted workshops.
      Submissions to workshops should be to the workshop organizer.

      All year long the conference committee works hard to organize the program.
      People like you — developers, researchers, industry experts, and academics
      from around the world — contribute most of the content. Contributing provides
      tremendous satisfaction and pride in sharing your knowledge and insight. A
      bonus is the chance to meet a like (or unlike) mind who's worked on similar
      problems, providing an opportunity for feedback and brainstorming solutions
      to sticky problems.

      Contribute to oopsla and you will be enriched as you enrich the world of

      **** And when are those submissions due?

      July 2, 2007 - Submission Deadline for Posters, Demonstrations, Doctoral
      Symposium, Onward! Tools and Films, Student Research Competition, and Student

      October 21, 2007 - Conference starts

      Contact the workshop organizer for deadlines of that specific workshop.

      In addition, there are four symposia that will be co-located with OOPSLA 2007.
      These may be appropriate if you want to target a very specific audience. Here
      are their web sites:

      * Dynamic Languages Symposium
      --- http://www.swa.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/dls07/
      * International Symposium on Memory Management
      --- http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~greg/ismm07/
      * WikiSym
      --- http://www.wikisym.org/ws2007/
      * Library-Centric Software Design Symposium
      --- http://lcsd.cs.tamu.edu/2007/

      For more information, visit http://oopsla.org

      Program Chair
      David F. Bacon, IBM

      Onward! Chair
      Cristina Videira Lopes, UC Irvine

      Conference Chair
      Richard P. Gabriel, USA
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