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DIS 2006 Workshop on Game Design

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  • jb_gross
    [ sorry for any crossposting ] 2006 DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) Workshop On the Process of Game Design 25 June 2006 Call for Participation
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2006
      [ sorry for any crossposting ]

      2006 DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) Workshop

      On the Process of Game Design

      25 June 2006
      Call for Participation

      The game design process is largely driven by practice; while some work has been done to
      address theoretical foundations for game design, this work has been done only in
      academia. These two communities rarely come together to discuss their perspectives on
      design theories or processes. As a result, both communities work in isolation. The game
      industry works at the level of individual games, but academics are concerned primarily
      with theoretical foundations and broad scope. The goal of this workshop is to start a
      dialogue between the two communities and generate general themes and underlying
      theories. From a practical side, these theories will aid game designers in constructing
      games, help tool designers build better tools that allow designers, and support the
      research goals of academia. More broadly, these theories should help the two
      communities integrate, making science more relevant to practice and practice more viable.

      This workshop will include participants from a variety of backgrounds, including art,
      architecture, game studies, and computer science, and will also include academics and
      practitioners. The workshop will be composed of interactive sessions in which participants
      engage in hands-on applications of specific theories, as well as discussions about design

      We are looking for papers that address the game design process, including game tuning,
      design theories, design frameworks, multi-disciplinary aspects of design, aesthetics,
      psychology of design, definition of fun, patterns of play, etc. We encourage papers that
      will serve as a foundation for interactive presentations that allow participants to engage in
      a design activity.

      Send a 1-3-page position paper in PDF to: magy@...
      Due Date: 1 May 2006
      Notification of acceptance: 30 May 2006

      Please check http://gamedesign.ist.psu.edu/index.html for updates.

      Program Committee

      Andrew Gordon, University of Southern California

      Joshua B.Gross, Penn State University

      Darla Limberg, Penn State University

      Keith Miron, Inxile-Entertainment

      Simon Niedenthal, Malmö University

      Yusuf Pisan, University of Technology, Sydney

      Magy Seif El-Nasr, Penn State University

      Brian Smith, Penn State University

      Bill Tomlinson, University of California at Irvine

      Robert Zubek, Maxis/Electronic Arts

      Joseph A. Zupko, Penn State University
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