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588[CfP] International Lisp Conference 2014, Aug. 14-17, Montreal

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  • Didier Verna
    May 7, 2014
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      ILC 2014 - International Lisp Conference
      "Lisp on the Move"

      August 14-17 2014, Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada

      Sponsored by the Association of Lisp Users
      In cooperation with: ACM SIGPLAN



      Lisp is one of the greatest ideas from computer science and a major
      influence for almost all programming languages and for all
      sufficiently complex software applications.

      The International Lisp Conference is a forum for the discussion of
      Lisp and, in particular, the design, implementation and application of
      any of the Lisp dialects. We encourage everyone interested in Lisp to

      We invite high quality submissions in all areas involving Lisp
      dialects and any other languages in the Lisp family, including, but
      not limited to, ACL2, AutoLisp, Clojure, Common Lisp, ECMAScript,
      Dylan, Emacs Lisp, ISLISP, Racket, Scheme, SKILL, HOP etc. The
      conference proceedings will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

      This year's focus will be directed towards integrated solutions,
      including mobile computing. We especially invite submissions in the
      following areas:

      * Pervasive computing Interoperability Portability Implementation
      * challenges/tradeoffs for embedded/mobile platforms Language
      * support for mobile toolkits and frameworks Language support for
      * distribution Language support for reliability, availability, and
      * serviceability Mobile IDEs Mobile applications

      Contributions are also welcome in other areas, including but not
      limited to:

      * Language design and implementation Language integration,
      * inter-operation and deployment Applications (especially
      * commercial) Reflection, meta-object protocols, meta-programming
      * Domain-specific languages Programming paradigms and environments
      * Efficient parallel and concurrent computation Language support for
      * managing both manual and automatic GC Theorem proving Scientific
      * computing Data mining Semantic web

      Technical Programme:

      Original submissions in all areas related to the conference themes are
      invited for the following categories:

      Papers: Technical papers of up to 10 pages that describe original

      Demonstrations: Abstracts of up to 2 pages for demonstrations of
      tools, libraries and applications.

      Workshops: Abstracts of up to 2 pages for groups of people who
      intend to work on a focused topic for half a day.

      Tutorials: Abstracts of up to 2 pages for in-depth presentations
      topics of special interest for 1 to 2 hours.

      Panel discussions: Abstracts of up to 2 pages for discussions about
      current themes. Panel discussion proposals must mention panel member
      who are willing to partake in a discussion.

      The conference will also provide slots for lightning talks, to be
      registered on-site every day.

      For inquiries about any other kind of participation (commercial
      exhibits, advertising, prizes, book signing etc.), please see the
      contacts below.

      Important Dates:

      - May 18, 2014: Submission deadline
      - June 09, 2014: Notification of acceptance
      - June 29, 2014: Final Papers due
      - August 14, 2014: Conference

      All submissions should be formatted following the ACM SIGS guidelines
      and include ACM classification categories and terms. For more
      information on the submission guidelines and the ACM keywords, see:
      http://www.acm.org/sigs/publications/proceedings-templates and

      Submissions should be uploaded to Easy Chair, at the following
      address: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ilc14

      Organizing Committee:

      General Chair: Marc Feeley (Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada)
      Programme Chair: Didier Verna (EPITA Research lab, Paris, France)
      Local chair: Marc Feeley (Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada)

      Programme Committee:
      Charlotte Herzeel, IMEC, ExaScience Life Lab, Belgium
      Damir Cavar, Eastern Michigan University, USA
      Dave Herman, Mozilla Research, USA
      Greg Pfeil, Clozure Associates, USA
      Irène Anne Durand, LaBRI University of Bordeaux, France
      Jim Newton, Cadence Design Systems, France
      Kuroda Hisao, Mathematical Systems Inc., Japan
      Matthew Might, University of Utah, USA
      Nicolas Neuss, Friedrich Alexander Universitat, Germany
      Ralf Möller, TUHH, Germany
      Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Northeastern University, USA
      William Byrd, University of Utah, USA


      * General Questions: ilc14-organizing-committee at alu.org
      * Programme Committee: ilc14 at easychair.org

      For more information, see http://www.international-lisp-conference.org

      Resistance is futile. You will be jazzimilated.

      Lisp, Jazz, Aïkido: http://www.didierverna.info