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566World-renowned Egyptologist will speak at OOPSLA 2008 conference

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  • cfp.oopsla@yahoo.com
    Sep 24, 2008
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      World-renowned Egyptologist Dr. Mark Lehner will speak at OOPSLA 2008

      The OOPSLA conference attracts software technologists from around the world.
      Here they will address the newest trends in improving programming languages,
      refining the practice of software development, and exploring new programming
      paradigms. One of the unique strengths of OOPSLA is the keynote speakers who
      come from outside software development, but whose work offers insights that
      can be of great interest to software development.

      World-renowned Egyptologist Dr. Mark Lehner will discuss the infrastructure
      that supported construction of the great pyramids at Giza. His presentation
      focuses on issues critical to software development today -- the social and
      architectural modularity of provisioning such a large workforce. Professor
      Lucy Suchman, of Lancaster University, will discuss methods for making sense
      of how people work together and using those observations to better support
      their work. Professor Sonali Shah, from the University of Washington will
      discuss the social structures that support innovation and entrepreneurship

      Other keynote speakers are leading figures in different parts of the software
      development community. Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, developer of the
      Responsibility-Driven Design approach to software development, Janos
      Sztipanovits, the director of the Institute for Software Integrated Systems
      (ISIS) at Vanderbilt University, and a leading expert on model-based design
      for distributed and embedded software, and Mark Dominus, best-known for
      "Higher-Order Perl", in which he adapted higher-order programming techniques
      widely used in Lisp, Haskell, and SML for use in Perl.

      OOPSLA 2008, sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN in cooperation with ACM
      SIGSOFT, runs October 19-23, at the Nashville Convention Center, Nashville,

      Visit http://www.oopsla.org for more information, or visit
      http://www.oopsla.org/oopsla2008/registration to register right now.

      Gail E. Harris
      OOPSLA 2008 Conference Chair