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561Re: [feyerabend-project] Photography Workshop at OOPSLA 2008

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  • Richard P. Gabriel
    May 28, 2008
      At 14:47 +0200 5/28/08, Peter van Emde Boas wrote:
      >Dear Richard. Thanks for the comments, and feedback. I agree that it is
      >hard to produce "good" or even "nice" pictures from people giving
      >presentations; the typical mathematician even won't face the audience
      >but look consistently at the blackboard and/or screen, or, if he faces
      >the audience he will look downwards or have his eyes closed. My main
      >form of post processing is to remove the pictures where I capture such
      >an impossible pose. So I presume that that also will be one of the
      >topics from your workshop - capturing speakers at the right moment.

      Also, for the best photos, you need to be able to take them from
      vantage points that are not in the audience. The photo of Parnas and
      Brooks is taken from behind the panel table. When limited to the
      audience, you need a long enough lens to capture head and shoulders.
      Even a mathematician will occasionally (perhaps by accident) glance
      at the audience. You need to study their behavior (as if they were
      wildlife) to see what signals they might give before they glance at
      you. Sometimes if you stand up with your camera, that will attract
      their attention.

      >As you may have noticed we have not participated in the last two
      >OOPLSA's but your workshop evidently is a good reason to reconsider.

      You would be very welcome.

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