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546Data minning

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  • Brian Marick
    Sep 4, 2007
      I spent some spare time hanging out with sociologists a few years
      back. One result was a paper on Agile in a sociology book (The Mangle
      in Practice: look for it from your nearest Duke University Press
      outlet sometime “soon”.) The co-editor is going to do research in
      data mining and counterterrorism. He writes:

      The dream of course would be to locate people who have actually
      written data mining programs related to counterterrorism. […] If that
      proves impossible, I would just be interested in interviewing people
      who have experience designing data mining programs for other

      If you are such a person, mail me, and I’ll put you two in touch.
      He’s a good guy. He spent time riding in police cars to domestic
      violence calls, sitting in court, talking to perpetrators, etc.
      Interesting stories.

      Brian Marick, independent consultant
      Mostly on agile methods with a testing slant
      www.exampler.com, www.exampler.com/blog