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348Re: [feyerabend-project] OOPSLA 2005

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  • Mike@yahoo.com
    Dec 14, 2004
      I'm very interesting in seeing a draft copy. Is it
      too big for e-mail?

      --- jb_gross <jb_gross@...> wrote:

      > Well, I know that it's a little early to be talking
      > about the next
      > OOPSLA, since 2004 just ended. But with "fearless
      > leader" (sorry
      > about the Rocky and Bullwinkle reference) Richard
      > Gabriel at the helm
      > of the program committee, I'm wondering what kind of
      > things to
      > expect. Anyone have any ideas?
      > On a side note, just read an excellent book, _Mixing
      > Methods in
      > Psychology: The Integration of Qualitative and
      > Quantitative Methods
      > in Theory and Practice_, which came out of a group
      > in psych. at
      > the University of Nottingham (Psychology Press,
      > October 2004). Anyone
      > doing mixed method research (I'm moving in that
      > direction with HCI
      > and cognitive modeling) should definitely read this
      > book. I have a
      > review I'm soliciting to HCI outlets at the moment,
      > if you are
      > interested, drop me a line and I'll send you a draft
      > copy.
      > -Josh

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