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277OOPSLA Workshop?

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  • patrickdlogan
    Nov 26, 2002
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      First a question: any reports from OOPSLA?

      Then a follow-up to a message from last month...

      > The problem is that our interests seem diverse (and perhaps
      > divergent). Can we create a manifesto that will result in a
      > coherent and somehow unified body of work?

      I would think at this stage a Feyerabend manifesto would be somewhat
      diverse in its manifestations. What's needed today is diversity and
      experimentation rather than coherence and unification. A manifesto
      should promote those qualities.

      > Perhaps, once we have a manifestoa, we should start our own journal
      > (e.g. "The Feyerabend Journal of Computer Science Articles
      > Previously Rejected as not Computer Science-y Enough")?

      This on-line group archive seems to be enough of a journal. What's
      missing I think is discussion, especially about ideas and experiments.

      I am interested in time-oriented, history-preserving data streams,
      simple coordination models, adaptive object models, workflow, and
      process & rule definitions, simple & composable user interfaces, all
      made available to non-CS programmers.

      Primarily I am interested in finding simple ways for non-CS
      programmers to create time and space distributed adaptable systems.
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