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276Re: [feyerabend-project] OOPSLA Workshop Invitation

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  • Gross Joshua
    Oct 18, 2002
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      I think that this is a good idea. The problem is that
      our interests seem diverse (and perhaps divergent).
      Can we create a manifesto that will result in a
      coherent and somehow unified body of work?

      I think it is possible. We have some commonalities: a
      belief in technology, an appreciation for the human in
      technology, and a generally broad view of "technology"

      Perhaps, once we have a manifestoa, we should start
      our own journal (e.g. "The Feyerabend Journal of
      Computer Science Articles Previously Rejected as not
      Computer Science-y Enough")?

      --- Pascal Costanza <costanza@...> wrote:
      > Here are my $0.02: I think a kind of "Feyerabend
      > manifesto" could be
      > really helpful. One thing Dick has noticed correctly
      > is that it is hard
      > to get a paper accepted at conferences that is not
      > part of normal
      > science (in Kuhnian terms - I don't know if Dick
      > stated it explicitly
      > like this, but this is something I have drawn from
      > his several
      > writings/presentations/discussions).
      > One of my experiences is that I have got a paper
      > rejected with the
      > stated reasoning that it's not important that a
      > language is easily
      > understood but it rather needs to be statically type
      > safe. Regardless
      > whether my paper was good or not, this is a
      > statement that sounds
      > strange to me, to say the least.
      > What do you think?

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