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275Re: [feyerabend-project] OOPSLA Workshop Invitation

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  • Pascal Costanza
    Oct 14, 2002
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      Gross Joshua wrote:
      > --- Pascal Costanza <costanza@...> wrote:
      >>I have only quickly and superficially skipped
      >>through their manifesto,
      >>but I already don't like most of what they say.
      > I have to agree; the current manifesto trend (I'd
      > point to Dogme 95 - www.dogme95.dk - as a possible
      > point of origin) is getting a bit absurd. It seems
      > that the end product of such a manifesto should be a
      > collection of work that is noticeably coherent and
      > similar as a unit, and that is noticeable dissimilar
      > from other contemporary work.

      I have been away from my office for a while, so I couldn't respond in
      the meantime.

      Here are my $0.02: I think a kind of "Feyerabend manifesto" could be
      really helpful. One thing Dick has noticed correctly is that it is hard
      to get a paper accepted at conferences that is not part of normal
      science (in Kuhnian terms - I don't know if Dick stated it explicitly
      like this, but this is something I have drawn from his several

      One of my experiences is that I have got a paper rejected with the
      stated reasoning that it's not important that a language is easily
      understood but it rather needs to be statically type safe. Regardless
      whether my paper was good or not, this is a statement that sounds
      strange to me, to say the least.

      Now I imagine a world where we would be able to attach a Feyerabend
      manifesto to our papers so that the likeliness increases that they are
      judged by the measures of that manifesto, and not by some arbitrary
      prejudices of reviewers (which you can never completely anticipate).

      Wouldn't that be /nice/? ;)

      I think Dick's "Polemic of the Proposed Effort" at
      http://www.dreamsongs.com/Feyerabend/FeyerabendInvite.html would be a
      very good starting point. The "Themes and Goals" of the Extravagaria
      workshop at http://www.dreamsongs.com/Feyerabend/Extravagaria.html can
      also be considered. If we could distil this to a list of, say, 7
      one-liners, we would have something useful IMHO. Something along the
      lines of Dogme's "Vow of Chastity" at
      http://www.tvropa.com/tvropa1.2/film/dogme95/the_vow/vow.html, perhaps?

      What do you think?


      Pascal Costanza University of Bonn
      mailto:costanza@... Institute of Computer Science III
      http://www.pascalcostanza.de Römerstr. 164, D-53117 Bonn (Germany)
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