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269modernism/postmodernism, was Re: CL and modernism

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  • patrickdlogan
    Sep 2, 2002
      >> I like to think of ZetaLisp, CL and
      Smalltalk as representing a
      bare-maximums that work to make me
      productive in building interesting
      or complex
      systems. I find those bare-minimum
      languages to be like living in a
      tent, something that can be fun for a day
      or two but not a serious
      place to live. I find
      that working with a collection of little
      languages and tools is
      somewhat like living in a tent city. <<

      I think this is why Scheme in a JVM works
      so well for me. The JVM enables a very
      feature rich environment and Scheme enables
      a very powerful way to access the
      environment. This feels "bare maximum" in
      the sense that a Lisp machine used to feel
      that way, plus it grows with every useful
      Java class I find on the net. Kind of a
      dessert topping *and* a floor wax.
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