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244Re: FW: [XP] Lisp's attractions (was: Polymorphism)

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  • Pascal Costanza
    Aug 22, 2002
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      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comments!

      Mike Beedle wrote:
      > Pascal:
      > Thanks for the intro to Lisp. Lots of good info there.

      > Though I have ran with a variety of Lisp environments, my
      > preferred environment these days, btw, is Allegro Franz Lisp
      > 6.2 with AllegroServ running on both Linux and WinXP. I like
      > a lot of their libraries/extensions.

      How does it compare to LispWorks? I am running Lisp on a Mac, so I don't
      know what to recommend for Windows, Linux or other machines...


      Pascal Costanza University of Bonn
      mailto:costanza@... Institute of Computer Science III
      http://www.pascalcostanza.de Römerstr. 164, D-53117 Bonn (Germany)
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