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213Call for Participation/Call for Papers

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  • Richard P. Gabriel
    Jan 11, 2002
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      I've got one reminder and one new announcement:

      I am organizing two events which could be of interest to folks you
      know. The first is a workshop called Biological Framings of Problems
      in Computing, to be held April 17-19 at the Santa Fe Institute. The
      idea is to come up with a set of "Hilbert's Problems" whose solutions
      would push forward the idea of using more biological metaphors in the
      foundations of computing. The URL is


      The second is a conference within a conference at OOPSLA 2002, called
      Onward!: Seeking New Paradigms and New Thinking. There is a separate
      program committee for it and we expect to have our own keynote etc.
      The idea is to try to get some larger vision type papers, but backed
      up with some initial work if possible. The URL is