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205Re: [feyerabend-project] Simputer

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  • Ron Goldman
    Dec 29, 2001
      from: http://globeandmail.workopolis.com/servlet/News/fasttrack/20010522/RVOLK

      One of the key aspects of the Simputer is that it reads information aloud
      in local languages to help even illiterate users tap the Internet.

      There's another low-cost computer being developed in Brazil: the
      "Computador Popular" (dubbed the "Volkscomputer" in Brazil) including
      monitor, has an estimated price tag of $250. It is a no-frills appliance
      whose sole purpose will be to connect to the Internet. It lacks a floppy
      disk drive and a hard drive -- though users can add their own if they
      choose. Its computer chip and modem are dated by the latest standards but
      will suffice for the job at hand.

      -- Ron --
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