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193Fwd: CFP: Biological Models of Computing

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  • Geoff A.Cohen
    Dec 13, 2001
      I thought the Feyerabend group would be interested in this
      CFP, as well as the larger conference in which it is
      embedded. I'm planning on being there, and it's just a
      few days after the Feyerabend Santa Fe workshop. (In fact,
      I pitched a session that reports the results from Santa Fe.)


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      From: Clay Shirky <clay@...>
      To: bio_cfp@...
      12/04/2001 06:00 PM
      Subject: CFP: Biological Models of Computing

      To the attendees of the Biological Models of Computing Bof:

      In part because of the strong BoF turnout at the P2P Conference,
      O'Reilly has a "Biological Models of Computing" track at the E-Tech
      conference in April of next year.

      The Call for Participation is at:


      The conference is devoted to many sorts of emerging technologies, on
      the theory that cross-fertilization is best accomplished early. The
      thesis behind the Biological Models track is roughly

      � Biological processes solve hard problems in ways that are worth
      �emulating (viz genetic algorithms) if not adopting outright (viz DNA

      This would include work that uses Biology as Model, and Biology as
      Hardware, defiend below:

      � Biology as Model: This covers attempts to make computing systems
      �acheive the same effects as biological systems by using biological
      �models for the process, as with genetic algorithms, neural networks
      �or, more recently Eric Bonabeau's ants.

      � Biology as Hardware: Using biological systems as computing systems,
      �as with using DNA to arrive at a close approximation of a solution
      �to the Postman's problem.

      If you or anyone you know is working on these issues, *please* submit
      or encourage them to submit a response to the CFP.

      Hope to see you in Santa Clara in April,


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