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125Re: [feyerabend-project] Fear and loathing in Sardinia

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  • Richard P. Gabriel
    Jun 13, 2001
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      At 0:36 -0700 6/13/01, Joshua L. Kerievsky wrote:
      >rpg wrote:
      >>>> ... there is an air of exclusivity in the whole site...
      >>>> ... I didn't see an invitation of any sort ...
      >The agile alliance site reminded me of another shadowy cabal called
      >Hillside, a
      >group so exclusive they didn't even list who they were. Not my cup 'o tea.
      >Hopefully they will invite others in and truly erase the exclusive nature of
      >the site, which would mean not even listing who were those really important
      >"dudes" that attended the first critical agile meeting (which so nauseatingly
      >resembles the story of the proud few who were on a Hillside one golden
      >afternoon). --jk

      This is certainly a problem, assuming you think Hillside is still
      relevant. I didn't attend that golden afternoon event, and have been
      pushing for more openness. Keep in mind that Hillside was originally
      just Kent Beck's friends, and the group operated by consensus, and to
      become open meant everyone agreeing, and one of the members did not
      want to do that, hence the legacy.

      Three people were added to Hillside in the last 9 months, and perhaps
      we're debating how and whether to exist - but the energy level is so
      low it's hard to tell.

      Hillside did just hire a web guy to make a real site, so maybe that
      aspect will change soon, if it matters.

      Hillside is really now just a benevolent bank account that funds PLoPs.

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