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120XP and Feyerabend

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  • fadrian@qwest.net
    Jun 1, 2001
      --- In feyerabend-project@y..., Brian Marick <marick@t...> wrote:
      > In a world where developers, users, and funders (customers) are
      > groups, I believe agile methods are, on average, ...
      > - definitely better for developers
      > - quite likely better for funders
      > - not necessarily better or worse for users
      > ... than conventional/torpid/other methods.

      Aye - probably true. However...

      The Buddhists have a saying: "If you meet the Buddha along the road,
      kill him." It is their way of noting that an attachment to Buddha
      and his path (although useful at first) is still an attachment and
      that it will still prevent one from achieving enlightenment.

      XP "turns the knobs to 10", but they're still the same knobs.

      Progress will be made when we remove the producer/consumer
      dichotomy. Deconstruct it yourself, Brian, and envision the world
      without this barrier. Forget the knobs and smash the amp. If you
      meet XP along the road, kill it.

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