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  • Richard P. Gabriel
    Apr 2, 2001
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      Jerry made an interesting point about totalitarianism. -That a
      designer can impose a totalitarian edict on users. On the other hand,
      made objects in the physical world largely have that same problem
      (apparently): One can choose a hammer from a set of weights and head
      configurations, but any sort of customization after that is hard to
      do. But the result of the designer's effort is as if the designer
      were a totalitarian. And we don't seem to mind.

      Well-designed physical objects never or rarely strike us as the
      result of totalitarianism. But a computer/computer system will. What
      does this tell us about what we think about computers and software?
      They are somehow smarter or more living than things like hammers?
      More adaptable or flexible? Something that because of their
      immaturity are expected to not be finished the way a hammer is?

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