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Plague precautions; parasite prevention

http://www.promedmail.org/direct.php?id=3394344 Ferrets as well as cats and dogs need these precautions. Anyone living in much of the West knows to be careful
Sukie Crandall
1:37 PM

A Ferret With A Pacemaker

http://www.smallanimalchannel.com/critter-exclusives/a-ferret-with-a-pacemaker-1505.aspx I have heard through the years of two other ferrets who had
Sukie Crandall
May 27

A Ferret With A Pacemaker

http://www.smallanimalchannel.com/critter-exclusives/a-ferret-with-a-pacemaker-1505.aspx I can remember FML discussions (pre-FHL) about two such ferrets. Sent
Sukie Crandall
May 27

Re: Vaccine for adrenal disease

We have several ferrets participating in this research and that has only been this last year, so the study will be going on for some time.None have developed
Brenda Taylor
May 21

Some additional Gonacon info to have for when combining them can spe

http://www.aphis.usda.gov/newsroom/2013/02/horse_vaccine_approval.shtml http://www.acc-d.org/research-innovation/products-under-development/gonacon Sent from
Sukie Crandall
May 21

Re: Vaccine for adrenal disease

Ferret use of this med is awaiting federal approval; in fact, the med itself might be awaiting approval for non- experimental uses so check on that. Such
Sukie Crandall
May 21

Re: Vaccine for adrenal disease

Does anyone know how widely available this is, how much it costs, and how often the treatment needs to be repeated? Jeff On Thursday, May 21, 2015 5:34 AM,
May 21

Re: Digest Number 3381

Hi Tressie The vaccine seems to work best in young ferrets (under 12 months or ideally under 6 months) as an adrenal disease preventative. ... From:
Jerry Murray
May 21

Vaccine for adrenal disease

May 21

Ill kit; possibilities might include DIM reply

There is a DIM treatment now. It is partly aimed at slowing the body's extreme and very dangerous response to the problem. As the moderator wrote under your
Sukie Crandall
May 19

Need advice about my ferret

So I'm new to yahoo and I found this group cause my ferret is sick and was searching online when I found this. now about my ferret: His name is Frodo (from the
May 19

S-phase duration is the main target of cell cycle regulation in neur

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25963823 Like human brains, but unlike rat or mouse brains, ferret brains have many folds. For those list members who are
Sukie Crandall
May 13

Thallium poisoning symptoms

http://www.promedmail.org/direct.php?id=3356326 The description here of symptoms reminded me of some mysteries sent to the list in the past where the ferrets
Sukie Crandall
May 12

Tameness is in the genes | Science News

https://www.sciencenews.org/article/tameness-genes I think this link is viewable by all. The number of altered genes w domestication is enormous. Notice how
Sukie Crandall
May 12

And this one goes into explorations into use of it for chemical temp

http://www.ivis.org/proceedings/iscfr/2012/167.pdf?LA=1 ... Sent from my iPad [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Sukie Crandall
May 9
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