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[NetteRadio] supports the Squeaky Wheel Tour and IMC2011

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    THANK YOU ALL for your fabulous support thispast Friday! We had an amazing night and wonderful kickoff to the 2011GoGirlsMusicFest Benefiting The Red Thread
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2011

      THANK YOU ALL for your fabulous support this past Friday! We had an amazing night and wonderful kickoff to the 2011 GoGirlsMusicFest Benefiting The Red Thread Movement!

      Watch here:

      http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17881198  (pt 1)
      http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17883648  (pt2)

      But now, ONWARD!

      Monday Oct 17, 2011
      KICK OFF TO Squeaky Wheel Tour and 11 years since GINA disappeared Monday Oct 17 2011, 7-9PM
      WEST LA MUSIC 11345 Santa Monica Blvd, LA 90025


      The Squeaky Wheel Tour is a three week event where musicians from across the world promote a missing person(s) at their showcase.  Created by Jannel Rap, the Squeaky Wheel Tour is now in its tenth year and has helped to bring home over 1100 people. Eleven years ago, on Oct 17, 2000, Jannel's sister Gina Bos went missing in Lincoln NE. She hasn't been found. Jannel's search for her sister has resulted in an organization that has searched for the missing all over the world.

      Gina for Missing Persons FOUNDation, 411Gina.org, and the Squeaky Wheel Tour were all created to give a voice to the Missing who otherwise go unnoticed in the busy, hustle-bustle lives we lead. The news picks up and drops stories every day. Sometimes they grab hold of a story of a missing person and that story captures the hearts of the nation... but for every story that is told countless more are left untold. GINA Artists come into play by telling their story at their showcases.

      Special Guests: Comedienne Suzanne Whang, Elizabeth & Ed Smart, Mika Moulton, Gayl Murphy, Carl and Dee Rap
      Live acoustic show with:
      Jannel & Elijah Rap, James Morris, Darius Lux, Chris Valenti, Sabrina Logos, Harriet Schock, Amy Raasch, The Conlons, Aubrey Bouskill, Saul Kaye, Raevyn Justice, Rich Carlucci

      West LA Music 11345 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

      Please RSVP here: http://www.westlamusic.com/squeakywheel.html
      We will broadcast this show on Ustream.tv

      Help us bring attention to the hundreds of missing children and adults who have vanished without a trace.
      The Squeaky Wheel Tour starts here... with you and me.

      I'll take a 'little break" on Tues and Wednesday (of course we will have a NetteRadio broadcast!) and then we are back at it again.
      ARTISTS... These are BOTH great events and I hope to see you participating in both Squeaky Wheel Tour and IMC2011 :)

      IMC2011 L.A. KICKOFF PARTY!!!
      Join 'The Conlons', 'Lovers and Poets' and 'J Clark Webber' as we kick-off the start to IMC2011 in LA!
      Thursday Oct. 20
      7pm - 10pm
      Co-Sponsored by:
      http://www.imc2011.com  for more info

      RSVP to IMC2011@...  

      At Pig 'n Whistle, (just a few doors down from MI on Hollywood Boulevard.)

      Pig n Whistle

      6714 Hollywood Blvd
      Los Angeles, California

      Musician's Institute, Hollywood, CA

      URGENT! Only a few days to go before IMC2011! Please purchase your registration right now. For only $50 you can take advantage of 3 days/nights of learning, networking, panels, workshops, seminars, mentor sessions and performances. Taking place once again at the awesome Musicians Institute in the heart of Hollywood, the IMC is a fantastic gathering of industry experts and professional independent artists.

      I am so excited to be participating in two separate panels - "Energy Bonding" and "Do Promoters Really Promote" (I do!)
      I'm also very excited to NETTEwork with some of my favorite industry partners such as:

      Laurie Anderson (SoundExchange)
      Bernard Baur (Musicians Institute)
      Bobby Borg (Music Business consultant, author
      Emiko E. Carlin (President, The 6412 Ltd.)
      Antoine Carter (Project Manager- Pro Music Records)
      Anne Cicere (BMI)
      Annette Conlon (NetteRadio)
      Kevin Day (Rocket Science Records)
      Alex Del Zoppo (Sweetwater - first band to perform at Woodstock '69!)
      Ritch Esra (Music Business Registry)
      Craig Harris (Drum Instructor
      Elisabeth Howard (Vocal Coach - Sting)
      Shannon Hurley (Lovers & Poets)
      Toni Koch (Pitch-A-Song / COSMO Marketing/PR)
      Judy Lamppu (Coalition of Songwriter & Music Organizations)
      Anthony Lawrence (Rockhouse Method)
      Sindee Levin (Entertainment Attorney)
      Jan Linder Koda (Artist Development Producer)
      Mandi Martin (Producer)
      Steven Memel (Vocal Instructor)
      Les Michaels (Cabaret)
      Matthew Moran (Songwriter, Technology Consultant, Author)
      Bill Pere (CT Songwriters Assoc.)
      Kay Pere (Vocal Instructor
      Susan Rabin (Law Offices of Susan Rabin)
      Noel Ramos (Artist, Advocate, IMC Director)
      Marty Rifkin (Producer- Mariah Carey)
      Robbie Rist (Actor/Musician)
      Damien Ritter (Yowie)
      Chip Schutzman (Miles High Productions, Dolly Parton)
      Alan Roy Scott (Songwriter for Celine Dion, Luther Vandross, Notorious B.I.G.)
      Steve Scott (Coalition of Songwriter & Music Organizations)
      Joe Solo (Producer/Songwriter for Macy Gray, Fergie)
      Vladimir Vukicevic (CTO & Co-Founder, Rockethub.com)
      Jay Warsinske (Founder & CEO, Indiepower.com)
      Loren Weisman (Music Producer - Author - Speaker)
      Jimi Yamagishi (Songnet)
      Randy Young (Cherry Suede)
      Billy Zero (Chemistry Management)


      Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to expand your musical horizons... 3 days plus a fabulous Pig n Whistle kickoff party - all for just $50!

      Looking forward to Seeing YOU There!


      Please be sure to share these events with a friend!

      Annette Conlon

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