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Re: [felineherpes]feline herpes feline herpes azith and zyrtec

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  • caraleekanab
    You *may* be expecting too much; if his sinus cavities have had some damage from herpes flare ups, then that damage is permanent. Rally was almost always a
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      You *may* be expecting too much; if his sinus cavities have had some damage from herpes flare ups, then that damage is permanent.  Rally was almost always a little snotty and snuffly, and I know his sinuses were damaged. Even if the virus isn’t active, there will be some snuffly noises on many days. There will be better days and worse days, but our job is to keep the virus at bay with lysine and other measures like good nutrition, which support his immune system.  Relapses will vary in timing, sometimes with the weather or with unavoidable stresses in his life, but herpes is rarely life-threatening unless a flare up is allowed to go on too long. We are all so glad to find zithromax because until that was discovered as a great antibiotic for herpes infections, we floundered with other antibiotics and nutritional supplements.
      By the way, if his nose gets too clogged, you can (sorry about this) suck out the mucous with an ear-washing bulb. The tip is small enough to get into a cat’s nostrils. Get a small bowl of warm water, then squeeze the bulb, put the tip into his nostril, let the bulb go and then wash it out in the water; do this a couple times in each nostril. At least it will clear the passage for a little while. 
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      Subject: [felineherpes]feline herpes feline herpes azith and zyrtec

      Hi All,

      Thank you all (Anyes, Caralee, Sandy) for the feedback. It sounds like the consensus is that I should inquire about a course of 50 mg azithromycin once daily for 10 to 14 days (cat weight 10 lb 15 oz). --Am I expecting to much to think that my cat's nose should sound clear like his sister's (her nose is dry and clear sounding)? His nose still sounds a bit snuffly...it rustles a bit. He's not snoring. He sneezes occasionally (I hear it maybe three to six times a day).  --I guess I wonder what I should expect in terms of remission and also relapse. (How often do you see relapses, and when do you decide to treat?) -I know my cat is different from yours, but I'd like to understand how you experienced folks are dealing with this.

      My cat has been tolerating the 5 mg Zyrtec since the vomiting incident. I make sure to give him the Zyrtec after he has a little food on board. I do think it makes a difference. Since it's working, I will leave it in the mix for now. Per your cautions, I will not increase his dose unless clearly and specifically guided to by the vet. If she does instruct me to increase it to twice daily, I will ask her about a stop time and also if blood work should be considered to monitor.

      One other item --I recently tested Claritin (loratidine) in my cat (this was before Zyrtec). I was giving him a quarter of a tablet at night before bedtime. In the wee hours of the morning, I would find him off in the living room hiding in a cat cube or in the laundry room hiding in a laundry basket (very uncharacteristic of him --he's one to always be by my side). One night, he also knocked things off the dresser (also unusual for him). He did the hiding behavior for three consecutive nights. When I stopped the Claritin, the behavior also stopped.

      I think the medication may have bothered him. In the past, he also got a bit agitated (wouldn't go to sleep) when he was on buprenorphine. I think he may just be sensitive to some medications.

      THANK YOU!!



      I don't have any experience with zyrtec but I've only seen 5mg daily dosing.  I'm sure others will respond.
      My feeling is that only five days on zithro is not enough. Also, since he vomited the zyrtec, I would withhold that and do at the very least another five days on a higher dose of zithro; preferably ten days. Unless you use just one med, you won’t know what’s working, but for sure 25 mg of zithro is a very low dose—lower than I think would be effective in an 11-lb cat—and too short a time, to boot.  If you can get it from your vet, give 50 mg once per day for ten to 14 days, and see how your cat is doing. Clearly the zyrtec bothers him (at least on an empty stomach), so I would leave that out for now.  The small amount of blood in his mucous from sneezing indicates to me just some inflammation/irritation. We all have blood in our snot from time to time. But if there was an infection at the beginning of all this, then a higher dose and longer time is needed on the zithro.

      Ditto everything Caralee said. In addition, if he does not tolerate the zyrtec, I would try the claritin and see if he keeps it down. Also, just like people, some do better on one or the other, so if his sneezing is not better on the std dose of zyrtec, I would try the other rather than give a higher dose. 5mg twice a day is a lot for an 11lb cat, as in that is a human dose. I would be worried especially if he has had kidney or liver issues in the past. The zythromax dose was too little too short a time to be effective.
      Anyes and the snotty girls
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