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Re: [felineherpes]feline herpes Mitsi: Apparently its an allergy

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    I agree with these things Jamie points out. Steroids, according to homeopaths destroy the thymus gland, so long term use for palliative effects is bad. I
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      I agree with these things Jamie points out. Steroids, according to
      homeopaths destroy the thymus gland, so long term use for palliative
      effects is bad. I think I remember you saying her diet was Purina One?
      I would stop that and get her on something with no wheat, corn, grains
      etc. California Natural is very plain and recommended when allergies
      are suspected, and Pinnacle has allergy food also, I know others on
      here have used and can recommend if you can't find these. Or if you
      can and she will eat it, try some wet foods along the same line. It
      will be good for you to look into the holistic vet Mon. as you said.
      If she is getting relief from the topical things you are using, keep
      trying those. She also sounds like she needs some detox, which the
      homeopath will work with you on.


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      Note that any steroid product will worsen herpes. I hope you are dosing
      mg of Lysine daily if not more! In addition, note steroids do nothing
      allergies but temporarily relieve symptoms. You are still left trying to
      find out what is causing the allergy (you may never know for sure). My
      little girl has herpes and food/environmental allergies. I learned
      early on
      that steroids only make matters worse in terms of herpes! No offense,
      this sounds like the remedy of a traditional vet - you are merely
      suppressing symptoms and not addressing causation; yet the side effects
      medication are going to make more problems for Mitsi...herpes flare ups
      be brutal! I worry because I would hate for you to have more problems
      on top
      of what you are already dealing with plus more medications going into
      little girl. Read as much as you can about feline allergies and see if
      anything fits. Note vaccines, medications, food, parasites, open
      cleaning products & detergents can result in environmental allergies. I
      try to keep my kitty's down to a minimal - she scratches everyday but
      she is
      not losing fur. She has no parasites so I know it is an inhalant
      allergy. I
      do not use steroids anymore!!!! I watch her diet and use an air
      purifier in
      my house. My windows are never open because pollen is high where I
      live. And
      I use a holistic vet now!
      Best of luck! Jamie

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      Subject: [felineherpes]feline herpes Mitsi: Apparently its an allergy

      The vet says it's so variable as to what kind. Since there are not
      tests like humans it's all up to guesstimation. We where considering a
      cortisone shot but her immune system is compromised as it is by the
      FVR virus. Once you get that kind of shot there is no way to control
      is effects. So she is on pred for a while and then the amount to be
      tapered off to see how she does. Poor little girl she looks like she
      has been in a fight with the loss of her fur in some places. Sigh.


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