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Re: [felineherpes]feline herpes need help with sneezing

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  • morgaine lefay
    thanks so much for you help, i will do a check list to see if any can cause this. lefaymorgaine@yahoo.com Dani wrote: Any cat exposed to
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2007
      thanks so much for you help, i will do a check list to see if any can cause this.

      Dani <quoe2@...> wrote:
      Any cat exposed to cat flu can develop it eventually, and most
      importantly, start exhibiting symptoms. Zoey maybe is just stressed
      from losing a companion and that has brought on some new symptoms. Or
      there might be something new in her environment triggering sneezes.
      New carpet,something like that? Is the air dry? My cats are shedding
      like crazy now, and one of them is pulling out fluff in handfulls that
      are making ME sneeze! I've actually been running the carpet cleaner
      every few days to keep the hair and dander under control. What about
      cleaning products.... have you changed those? Could be any number of
      things, and you almost have to be a sleuth and determine what is
      causing the sneezing. I don't think there's any magic bullet to
      eliminate it. It's a puzzlement.

      > our 8 year old zoey never sneezed we got her as a rescue cat 4 years
      > ago. i am very concerned since she has started while lying in the
      > a few times it sounded like she had dust in her nose. our other baby
      > 1/2 yrs was diagnosed last december with herpes virus and she was
      > clavamox for two weeks,after a few weeks of sneezing, she was well.
      > both cats get 2 times a day l-lysine 5oomg. along withe vitaminc. a
      > month ago ou other baby was put to sleep due to bone cancer. is
      > anything else i can do to prevent the sneezing, as of now there is
      > mucous. thanks for any help

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