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42230Re: [felineherpes]feline herpes Introducing Maggie - please help

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  • Lisa Reynolds
    Jan 22, 2014
      Try a pill pocket.  Chicken flavor.  Use just enough pill pocket to cover the pill.  Then, this is the important part.  Cover it with fort-flora.  Put this treat on top of some wet food she likes.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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      I have one more idea for pilling her.  This is what I do!  First, take a pill wrapped in a ball of wet food in your right hand (if right-handed), then I kneel over my cat - one knee on each side and feet crossed behind him so that he can’t back out.  Open his mouth from the top…reach over the nose with left hand opening the jaw from the top.  Lift his head so it’s upward, stick pill in and then rub neck and he will swallow.  That should all take just 5 seconds.  It works for me every time!!  I sure hope it’ll work for you!!  Lysine will help, but you have to get rid the the immediate infection first.  She should be on Azithromicyn, which is the antibiotic that works best for the kitties in this group!  If she has developed allergies, often times it is due to grain, particularly corn.  So check her food to be sure it is grain free.  ..as well as her treats.  I use Wellness canned food and Blue Buffalo dry.  I also give 1/2 regular Zyrtech per day for allergies.

      On Jan 22, 2014, at 11:53 AM, <jcozzi@...> <jcozzi@...> wrote:

      My cat Maggie is almost 15.  In early December she started sneezing, which developed into a full upper respiratory infection very quickly.  One morning she was fine when I left for work, and when I got home, her eyes were stuck shut.
      I have tried to give her just about everything, but she is a feisty cat and since my husband passed away in October, I have no one at home to help me hold her to medicate her.  I am small and my hands are small and I simply cannot manage her.  I tried wrapping her, not wrapping her, treats, petting her to try to calm her down, and when I try to do anything for her she screams and wriggles away.  It's gotten to the point that she fears me because it seems every time I approach her it's to do something to her.
      She started on an antibiotic for 5 days and ofloxacin eye drops which I got into her maybe half the time.  Then she saw a veterinary ophthalmologist who put her on famciclovir, but the tablets are the same size as 350 mg aspirin.  I got her to take them in a pill pocket for 2 days, then she got wise.  I could not pill her.  I could not crush it into her food, not even tuna.  She wouldn't eat it.  She lost a pound in a week.  I got chicken-flavored suspension from a compounding pharmacy, but ended up with chicken-scented stains on the curtains because she would jerk her head away when I tried to use the oral syringe.  He also gave me terramycin ointment but I could not get that into her eyes either; she would struggle and claw me and scream at me, then act like she hated me.  And who could blame her.  
      Right now she seems to be recovering from the URI, but her eyes are horribly infected.  she will not even let me clean them.  I boil water, let it cool to room temperature, use soft cotton balls, and she screams and jerks away.  I am at the end of my rope.  She has a nasty dark scabby area on the tip of one of her ears and I have no idea where that came from.  It is clearly very painful and it looks like it is eating away at her ear skin.  
      My holistic vet had me put her on L-Lysine, and after she would not eat food with the powder and would not eat the treats, I got the Vitalys gel, which she will lick off her fur.  It is doing NOTHING to help her.  Her vet says he's never found antivirals to be effective and he is not convinced that the sore on her ear is from herpes.  To the best of my knowledge he has done no definitive tests for herpes, but neither did the big vet hospital where I took her to start with because it was off-hours.
      Oh, and she is also on methimazole for hyperthyroid and she has IBD and gets prednisolone every other day.
      I am at the end of my rope.  I love her so much and my husband died only a few months ago and I had to make the decision to pull him off the ventilator and I am emotionally unable to make a decision about whether to give up on her.  It seems like she just has a cold and an eye infection and I cannot put her down just for that, but I cannot treat her.  She is miserable.  She is in such pain and I am miserable because I cannot help her.  It is horrible and I don't know what to do.  Please help me.

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