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42222Re: [felineherpes]feline herpes Persians!

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  • Drymon, Cheryl
    Jan 20, 2014
      I used a hard plastic Rubbermaid box for the chamber,poked a hole in the front for the nebulizer,stick the kitty in ,put on the lid and steam away! And it does work wonders,I just use plain tap water for now.

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      On Jan 20, 2014, at 8:01 PM, "Demetria "Cindi" Tipling" <ctipling@...> wrote:


      Hi there sorry been while since I posted but this one caught my eye. Yes, you can use nose spray, just not the menthol type. The best one to use is 4Way as it is the 4 hour lasting vs 12 hour. I just squirt some into the cap and draw up with this tiny dropper someone kindly sent me. Then just put a drop or two in their noses. However, some people prefer to only do one nostril vs both as the same thing will happen to kitties as does humans ie: after 3-4 day use the nose spay ends up doing the direct opposite and you find yourself clogged worse than before. So by just doing one nostril, u use it 3 days on the one side then 3 days on the other if need be.

      I do want to bring up nebulizing treatments again. Even just using plain salt water in the medicine cup of the nebulizer can work wonders in opening up a clogged up kitty.
      You can make a nebulizing chamber for kitty very quickly by simply taking your cat carrier (the plastic type not the cloth type), covering all the ventilation holes with duct tape. Then you poke the mouth pc to the nebulizer through the door grate and secure it (I personally use a zip tie). Then all you have to do is fill the medication cup, attach to the mouth pc and turn on the machine:) You must cover the door grate with a heavy towel so all of the mist stays within the carrier.
      My vet has me to use Gentomicin Sulfate 1-2ML placed in the medication cup then fill rest of way with plain salt water. This works fantastic! There are many meds that can be used in nebulizing treatments--the mist helps get it up the nose and the lungs quickly vs the good old steamy bathroom.

      I was reluctant for yrs about buying a nebulizer until I finally spoke with my vet who was so thrilled about the use of nebulizing he practically jumped up n down about it! Many states require a prescription now days to buy one and my vet was quick to give me a prescription for one, however you can purchase online and bypass the prescription deal if you must.

      I still have the original one I purchased from the little drug store in town where my vet is and I mean that thing has been used and abused wayyyy more than you can believe, yet it still works perfectly. There are cheaper ones for sale on eBay, but reminder-you get what you pay for!
      Here is a link to the one I purchased and at a much cheaper price than I paid for mine:


      (other places show to be cheaper but when u check out they charge a lot for shipping!)

      Ok, if anyone has a question about nebulizing or the nose spray just give me a holler!
      Kindest Regards,

      Jenn wrote:

      I haven't heard of it. I might suggest not using that, BUT if he's okay with nose drops how about using another brand? Argh, the name escapes me at the moment. Little Noses, isn't it? Without medication. Just the saline spray. 

      I loved hearing that he likes you using the baby nose aspirator!  Mine won't sit still long enough to let me get it near him. Yours is smart enough to realize it helps!


      On Jan 20, 2014, at 8:24 PM, Diane Brookins <brookins.diane@...> wrote:

      I have not heard of using Afrin on kitties, not sure if that’s a good idea…anyone else ever heard of this??

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