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  • nancy.catania
    Jan 20, 2014
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      Hi Lisa,

      I have 13 Persian cats and run into these kinds of problems from time to time.  I've learned to manage the eye ulcers myself with much success.  For the stuffiness or runny noses, I use 1/2 claritin or generic claritin once/day.  I also give evening primrose oil by syringe, mine is a gel cap that I squeeze onto a spoon and then syringe up.  They don't like things in their food usually, my cats. The evening primrose is 500 mg unless it is very bad, if so, then 1,000 mg once/day. I use gentamicin eye drops and famcyclovir for anyone who has any issues relating to uris and give lysine twice/day a well.  Famcyclovir is a script and is given at 1/4 of a 250 mg twice/day. Gentamicin is also a script.  I also use Little Noses drops for their noses.  Everything is always trial and error but this has been working for me and saving me vet bills.


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      Hi all. I'm new here.  First let me apologize for probably asking questions that have been answered over aqnd over, but with the new yahoogroup format it's KILLING me to quickly search for answers!  So here goes:  

      We have 8 cats, mainly persian.  3 of them have peke faces and more chronic respiratory issues.  One of the boys will have an eye swell up and then if I massaged under his eye he eventually will be able to sneeze out a glob of mucous and he's fine.  Philomena just snorts alot and has watery eyes ... awful breath tho from the sinus issue. But she seems to breath and manage okay.  It's our Boo-Boo kitty that's the issue.  He tends to suffer more than the others.  His nostrils and eyes get crusty and he gets the black build up under his chin.  We can clean his face 2-3x a day and it looks like we never cleaned him by the next time.  He actually LIKES it when I use a baby nasal aspirator to pull crud out.  (I know, odd cat!).

      I've tried using nasal drops (Afrin) on him but he hates it so much - altho it does tend to help short term.  If I put him on amoxi he does get better but as soon as I stop the abx it all starts up again.  Can't keep him on abx forever.  :(  I haven't tried antihistamines yet.

      We have another cat, Bootsy, who doesn't have a peke face but recently popped up with a corneal ulcer.  So he's on eye ointment and am giving him oral lysine.  All these cats are from the same breeder so I'm wondering if herpes virus is causing an issue among them all and whether I should dose everyone with lysine in their food?  If so what would be daily dosing?  

      Any other tips/tricks would be much appreciated!  

      Darkside Mastiffs

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