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42215Re: [felineherpes]feline herpes Lysine, Zyrtec, and Zithromax questions

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    Jan 20, 2014
      Thanks, guys! Your advice has helped a ton.
      I've been giving him 1/4 tsp (actual measuring teaspoon) of the powder in his breakfast. I was on the amazon site for the lysine powder (NOW brand, I believe) and one of the reviewers (if I remember correctly) recommended 1/8 tsp for maintenance, and 1/4 tsp for flareups.  I just wasn't sure if it was once or twice a day. Now I know, and I'll be giving 1/4 for breakfast and dinner. He's such a good cat. I just gave him his first dose of Zithromax and he took it like a trooper, lol. Getting a bit of turkey afterwards helps!
      My doctor said that the zpack is good for one year after you get it. I might get the prescription filled and have it on hand. Buster is good, sniffle free, for about a month after the effects of the Zithromax have started.  I'm still uncertain if his is food allergy related or what.  He's so healthy in every other way.
      Many many thanks!
      Jenn and Buster
      In a message dated 1/20/2014 8:36:35 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, brookins.diane@... writes:

      Hello Jenn and Buster!  In answer to your questions:

      Question 1:  It is not necessary to discontinue Zyrtec when giving Zithromax but Caralee (see below) recommends doing so.
      Question 2:  Yes, most certainly you can give Zyrtec and Lysine simultaneously.
      Question 3:  I am not sure, perhaps someone else can chime in?  I have only given Azithromicyn daily and have not skipped days.
      Question 4:  Yes, it’s the same drug as the human z pack, I have done this too! however, for kitties you should not give one large dose to start like in the pack.  Just cut the pills accordingly and give daily (or as vet suggests).  

      Also, there’s another question about 1/4 tsp of Lysine.  It is equal to 500 mg.  So I guess you’d only need to give 1/8 tsp if that’s what you’re aiming for.
      Hope that helps!

      On Jan 20, 2014, at 8:15 PM, <cgwoods@...> <cgwoods@...> wrote:

      Have you figured out how much 1/4 tsp of Lysine is, in milligrams?  They should get 250 mg twice a day for maintenance, and 500 mg twice a day for flare ups.  1/4 tsp can potentially be a heckuva lot of lysine...does the label give you the measurements for 250 or 500 mg?  Just curious.  Maybe 1/4 tsp is 500 mg, I don’t know.  But yes, you can give both meds at the same time. I would recommend giving the lysine twice a day, though, just to keep it constant in his system.  I would, however, pull the zyrtec when giving the zithromax.  They are different meds, but you want to be sure the zithro is working, and pulling the antihistamine (zyrtec) ensures that.  Just my way of thinking about it.
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