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  • What I do with Grey's pills is make them up for the day. And put them on the countertop.. I have them in little plastic lids that I marked with a Sharpie, Morning and Night I put the pills on top of each lid and then I give the morning pill and If I think I forgot I see that the morning pill lid is empty and then I know I gave it.. Same with the Night pills. I use empty capsules...
    JANROSE828@... Jul 4
  • Dear Laura, I am so sorry for your loss of Riley.. Prayers to you and your family. Love Janet, Grey and Angel T
    JANROSE828@... Jun 25
  • Lyn, I am saying prayers for all your cats.. I hope you find out what it is soon. .I know when the cats dont eat it can really stress you out . Fingers crossed.. Janet, Grey and Angel T
    JANROSE828@... Jun 24
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  • Is your cat going to his food and then licking his lips? If so he can be nauseous and if so you can get anti nausea drugs like cerenia and Ondansetron from your vet ( prescription) That helps sometimes.. Also he cant go days without food so your vet my recommend an appetite stimulant like Mirtazapine. Hope this helps. . I have the same problem on and off with my cat and I use these...
    JANROSE828@... May 28
  • Has anyones cat been on Plavix and had to go off it for side effect reasons? If so, what side effects did they have and also What did they go on for blood thinning.. And did anyone go on Nattokinase instead of Plavix?
    JANROSE828@... May 15
  • Thank you Carol for your answer.. I would also like to know how much of the Doctors Best to give Grey. .He is 7 lbs and should it be given every day or every other day.. I want it to have the same effect as the Plavix to thin the blood but, not all the side effects ( nausea and upset stomach) Thanks for any answers.. He was on 1/4 75 milligram Plavix, every other day.
    JANROSE828@... May 13
  • Hi Everyone. I would like to know if anyone is using Nattokinase for their cats with HCM.. Grey was on Plavix but the dr. seems to think it is upsetting his stomach and wants him off of it. She will not prescribe baby aspirin as she says that it upsets the stomach too. I feel he definitely needs a blood thinner and I have seen some use the nattokinase. Was wondering what side...
    JANROSE828@... May 12
  • Thanks Lyn.. I am going to call my Vet tomorrow. He was off all weekend .
    JANROSE828@... May 10
  • Does anyone know if these 2 drugs can be taken together or are there any contraindications???
    JANROSE828@... May 8
  • I would like to know the answer to this question too. .Grey lost his appetite and the Cardiologist has taken him off Plavix saying sometimes that messes with their appetite. He has been off of Plavix for 10 days now and his appetite hasn't changed. They prescribed Mirtazapine which I gave on Saturday and of course he ate because it is an appetite stimulant.. But what will happen...
    JANROSE828@... May 5