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  • Is Plavix contraindicated with Pepcid and can a HCM cat take Cerenia?
    JANROSE828@... 10:20 AM
  • Cindy, I am so sorry for your Loss of Sage. You did the best that you could for him. .You were a good Mommy to him.. Janet, Grey and Angel T
    JANROSE828@... Apr 16
  • Grey will be 2 years old in May.
    JANROSE828@... Apr 13
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  • Just curious.. Wanted to know how many hours your Heart kitty sleeps during the day.. Grey seems to sleep from 3pm till around 10-11pm. Then runs wild for a couple hours. By then its the middle of the night and I am sleeping so I am not sure if he is up or sleeping again. Then he wakes me up around 530 am and plays for a couple hours. Then back to sleep and then up till around 3pm...
    JANROSE828@... Apr 10
  • Grey has been doing this cough type thing. It sounds like a cough but then if you hold him close or get close to him you hear a ( for lack of better words) gurgling or raspy like noise . .IT only lasts for maybe a minute and he has been getting it at night. .I am always afraid that its fluid buildup but he has never had that yet. But I figure if it sounds watery then its fluid...
    JANROSE828@... Mar 29
  • I use gelcap. I get them from Thrivingpets.com They come in different sizes with #5 being the smallest. I use 3,4 and 5. It matters how many pills I am giving. All the pills go in one capsule and its one dosing.. Followed by a syringe fill of water.. And your done.. Twice a day.. It saves from trying to pill all those different doses and for them to foam at the mouth and spit it up...
    JANROSE828@... Mar 10
  • So sorry for your loss. Janet, Grey and Angel T
    JANROSE828@... Mar 2
  • So Sorry for your loss of Blackie.. Prayers for your family Janet, Grey and Angel T
    JANROSE828@... Feb 19
  • My boy Grey has Heart Disease 5/6 heart murmur and is on all the heart drugs. He also has Esophnilic Plaque from allergies to we still dont know after almost a year.. But the Dermatologist prescribed Atopica and the Cardiologist said it would be OK.. I havent give it to him yet . Am trying to hold off to see if the plaque will just go away. But your question on giving it to a heart...
    JANROSE828@... Feb 7
  • I am so sorry for your loss. Janet, Grey and Angel T
    JANROSE828@... Jan 6