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RE: [FH] Gus at vet on oxygen

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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    I will be thinking of you and Gus.....lots of white lite to both of you. Linda and the boys ... From: Steph
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2003
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      I will be thinking of you and Gus.....lots of white lite to both of you.

      Linda and the boys

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      Subject: [FH] Gus at vet on oxygen

      Gus is at the emergency vet and is on oxygen and had an inj of
      lasix. We brought him there late tonight because we felt that he
      was having some difficulty breathing. This whole week he's been
      (what we thought) trying to heave/cough up a furball, but now we are
      not so sure that is what it was. I called the hospital we usually
      take him to (1 1/2 hr away) and the person on the phone said if he's
      been heaving like that for more than 2-3 days it's probably not a
      furball and that we should bring him to the local emergency vet here
      which is under 10 min. away. So, the vet here said that his
      breathing seemed to labored somewhat but no major distress. I feel
      terrible because I thought all week he's just had a furball and I've
      been giving him furball remedy. I'm still not convinced it's not
      but I just don't know. When I listened to his breathing right after
      the heaving I could hear his respriation quite loud and also could
      hear some crackling but not too badly. Does anyone have any
      thoughts on this and how to differentiate between breathing
      difficulty and furballs?

      We hated to leave him there tonight...we've never been to this place
      so it was all so foreign. I really miss him and hope we can bring
      him home in the morning. I am going over early to give meds and to
      see him. I just called and the tech said Gus is resting.

      Please send a prayer for our sweet Gus.

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