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  • barbara
    Woohoo for Tia and Oz!! Love and care can sometimes conquer where medicine can t. Good going you two! ... From: elanonuevo@aol.com To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2003
      Woohoo for Tia and Oz!! Love and care can sometimes conquer where medicine can't. Good going you two!
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      Subject: [FH] Munger

      Karla, I've been following Munger's story and am happy to read that you'll be
      coming back on Tuesday. I know that your Mom is taking excellent care of
      Munger so that isn't my concern <g>. My heart goes out to YOU having to be
      away from him all of this week!

      I was glad to read that you decided to force feed and look into getting him

      Three vets advised me to put my Oz to sleep last March 17th when he had
      congestive heart failure. The cardiologist diagnosed hypertrophic CM and
      didn't recommend PTS but did tell me his heart was severely enlarged and the
      prognosis wasn't good since he was so young (only a year at the time). But
      this list spurred me on with all of their wealth of knowledge. There are
      many cats and owners on here that have lived for years with this!

      Thank goodness for the internet!

      We just had a repeat echo in October and the vet couldn't believe that Oz was
      the same cat! His heart has shrunk! Oz's one year anniversary is coming up,
      and he's two years old now!


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