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Re: [FH] My kitty, Gina

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  • smi_mh <smi_mh@yahoo.com>
    - Dear Jonathan, Thank you very much for your thoughts. Last week we actually increased the prednisone from 5g to 10g. Dr. Gutlaizer at Broadway Pet Hospital
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 26, 2003
      Dear Jonathan,

      Thank you very much for your thoughts.
      Last week we actually increased the
      prednisone from 5g to 10g.
      Dr. Gutlaizer at Broadway Pet Hospital
      here in Oakland said that prednisone
      doesn't compromise the whole immune system
      but may affect parts of it. Yes, I did mean
      inflammatory bowel disease, which is causing
      (or caused by ?) problems in her intestinal
      tract. The new round of thorough tests and an x-ray
      do not any cancers or other diseases.
      We might start on her something called turanan,
      either as a substitute or an addition to the
      prednisone. She has been getting epogen shots
      and liquids (which she loves) twice a week.
      Worst case is she might be developing antibodies
      to the epogen. But she has started eating again,
      and I can also give quite a bit of liquids in
      the 3ml large dropper. Nina makes a soup from
      white chicken meat and broth that she loves.
      I buy chicken wings and cook them for her.
      They diagnosed her the inflammatory bowel
      disease through the endoscopy.
      We both share your reservations about prednisone,
      Nina just got off it & hates it.
      For 5 weeks it seemed to greatly help Gina.
      Our oldest cat, Tina, turns 14 on March 9 !
      She looks just like Gina except she's not
      part Siamese. We throw her a birthday party
      every year.
      Will keep you posted.

      Michael, Nina, Gina, Tina, Jacob, Elizabeth (RB),
      Clarabelle and Michelle

      -- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Jonathan Rosenberg" <jr40@e...>
      > Michael,
      > It's been a while since we've heard from you ... I've been
      wondering how Gina
      > was doing. I'm sorry to hear about her current condition.
      > I think I've mentioned before that our boy Tabby was FIV+ & was
      prone to
      > horrible stomach infections. He would hardly eat & would sometimes
      vomit. It
      > took a good dose of reglan & a week of antibiotics to clear up the
      > Does Gina show any signs of nausea?
      > One other thing ... you mention that she was on prednisone
      for "irritable bowel
      > syndrome". A few questions:
      > 1) I presume you mean "inflammatory bowel disease" (IBD)? I'm
      asking because
      > "irritable bowel syndrome" is rarely serious & is usually treated
      simply without
      > drugs. So I want to be sure we're talking about the correct
      > If it is IBD, how was it diagnosed?
      > I was under the impression that prednisone was considered
      inappropriate for FIV+
      > cats, since it "turns off" an already-compromised immune system.
      Maybe this was
      > considered the lesser of 2 evils, given her IBD, but I'm wondering
      if it might
      > be contributing to her problems.
      > I'm not a vet, but I'm wondering if the prednisone should be
      tapered down & an
      > attempt made to treat her IBD with diet? Just a thought.
      > --
      > Jonathan Rosenberg
      > Tabby (RB), Lynx (RB), Licorice, Tigger,
      > Jet, Belle
      > http://www.tabbysplace.org/
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      > > I haven't posted here for a while because Gina has been
      > > getting much better but the past week has seen a real relapse
      > > and I'm very worried. She suddenly has lost weight and stopped
      > > eating, I have to give her 3ml droppers of chicken broth which
      > > contains white chicken meat. She looks very gaunt and thin, she
      > > still washes herself, has a beautiful coat and purrs but she
      > > seems more lethargic, the vet noticed that her heart was beating
      > > fast when I brought her in for the epogen shots & fluids on
      > > Thursday, we will probably have an x-ray done today.
      > > She was diagnosed with FIV on November 19 but a bone marrow,
      > > endoscopy and other tests ruled out cancer, leukemia, FIP,
      > > etc and she was started on prednisone in mid-Jan for irritable
      > > bowel syndrome, just doubled dosage to 10g, she's on flagyl,
      > > and an appetite stimulant for past few days but it hasn't
      > > helped so far. She's only 2. After losing Elizabeth to a sudden
      > > heart stroke late last summer I'm terrified of losing Gina.
      > > My wife just had a bad experience with prednisone and we're
      > > not sure of its effects on Gina, it seemed to help greatly
      > > till recently.
      > > Gina used to love beef livers, cat tuna, kitty treat foods
      > > but she won't touch them now. She does still eat the IAMS
      > > dried food but needs to eat more. I did force feed her solids
      > > for a few days but she likes the chicken much more and its
      > > easier to get down her with the dropper. She is a sleek, beautiful
      > > jet black cat and part Siamese, a more affectionate creature
      > > I've never met.
      > > Any advice would be appreciated.
      > >
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